About me

Hello, my name is Deborah Thomas.


I am a writer. When I get an idea I sometimes pull my car off the road to write it down before it flees. Currently, I am considering and refining two historical fiction pieces: one about spies during Christ’s adult life, and another about an 1890’s young woman born in Missouri who comes west to Tucson to begin a new life.

I have been married to my best guy friend for fifteen years.  We so appreciate the fellowship God has gvien to us.  Terry and I have four daughters between us. We have eleven grandchildren, three of them boys.  Seven of them live too far away!  I wish that were not the case.


At the onset of 2015, I began interviewing my mother who turned 93 in December. I was up to 1959 in her life, inquiring the details when she unexpectedly came down severely ill on June 2.  She died 36 hours later of sepsis, in the hospital.  This was devastating for me.  Consequently, this is a year of sorrow and grieving for me.  I joined a grief share group at Grace Community Church. This group and insight is helping me understand why and how grieving is so profound.  I am learning ways to work with it.

Letter writing and Email is a regular part of my life. I keep in good touch with those who also enjoy this option. I am still friends with my childhood pal, Mari.


My sister Karen and daughters Rebecca and Michelle are my is best family friends.  Mom was my number one friend. I am additionally blessed to have more close girlfriends.


For the fun of it, I have a sewing and card making business I run on the side. However, this blog has nothing to do with that.

Writing is as great an outlet for me as swimming or reading. Formerly, I wrote to express my feelings or a point of view. Now I have added stories. I continue to journal and write cards of encouragement. Perhaps this blog will sharpen my writing skills.  If that is possible while concurrently amusing or engaging the reader, how delightful. I hope you find wit and spiritual drink at the well of “Eye Sights.” As a Christian, your values and beliefs turn your life’s course. May our eyes be fixed on Him who dwells in the heavens, and may we see new truth about Him often.

Here at Eye Sights you will find things I have authored, or the work of other authors upon which I will comment.  My sources will be letters, sermons, devotions, short stories, jokes, news clips, articles and scripture musings. I like to write short pieces or poems about things I see, like the time I found a stray mitten in my bag after visiting a friend and her baby.  I might include clips from the novels I am writing.

I relish feedback and commentary from my readers and will answer as promptly as I can. I hope to post every three weeks, and more if I can.  Iron sharpens iron. I look forward to interacting with my readers. It is best to reach me at my Email of: tdthomas2000@gmail.com. I especially like mail in my U.S. mailbox.  “Somebody” mail is always so exquisite!

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