An Ode and a Prayer

An Ode and a Prayer

To my mother in her death. and to us in our sorrow

by Deborah Thomas

The Ode

Mom, only weeks ago, you were here.  Now you’re gone.

And dearest friend, my heart for you longs.

I wasn’t quite ready, begged God not to let you go.

I hated to see you suffer on your bed, your body laid low.

So oft before, He’d spared your life in close calls.

We rejoiced for each reprieve, treasured God’s saving grace, all.

But this time was the precise moment He whisked you to heaven.

And we did not know until  late, in the dough was the leaven.

You lived your life fully, faithful and devoted,

to all of your family and for your children provided.

Your sense of humor was delightful, your face cute as a bug.

And the last thing you did before dying was give hugs.

On a tiny slip of paper you wrote, “Do not fear death,” instead

“…remember it’s the trip of a lifetime,” nothing to dread.

For you, death is gain, for me, terrible loss.

I must sacrifice your body to the Father, as Jesus did on the cross.

The Prayer

Lord, thank you for my beloved mother, with whom I was able and comforted to share a closeness.  Please soothe my aching heart, and help it re-start. Each day feels ravaged without Mom’s presence in it, for on this earth she shall never re-appear.  I miss her voice and getting to hug her. My eyes run with tears.

Help me in Your strength to carry on, and if I am to write her life story, please inspire me. Console me in Your love, and upon the dark floor of my soul where at times all I do is shuffle, please shine the light of Jesus. If I am correct, please help me feel that Mom is near me still, just out of sight, that’s all.  I look forward to heaven and thank you for its provision through Jesus.  Please in mercy, sustain all who are grieving, and give us hope for today and the next day and the next. Fill up the holes our loved ones have left with the soothing indwelling of Yourself.

In Jesus’ name,  Amen

5 thoughts on “An Ode and a Prayer

  1. Deb,


    In this time of sorrow allow yourself to know our Spirit is eternal. Your mom, my mom, and all our loved ones are with us… forever.

    With Gratitude & Love,



    Joan Thompson

    Mobile: 602-989-6794


  2. U r have a beautiful heart and a sweet way of expressing it.😊

    Experiencing God’s love does not mean that all our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors will be pleasant and pure. It means that we can be real as we feel pain and joy, love and anger, confidence and confusion, sadness and brokenness. I want to b real too-thank u for your real bless!

    May the peace of God which is above all understanding guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Love you. XOXO

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. This made me cry~ I’m so sorry for your loss, but so thankful that you had the mother you did, and the close relationship. May your heart and soul find comfort in many sweet memories, and the knowledge that you will be with her in eternity. Love, Kara


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