The Pause That Refreshes

I have the delight of receiving an email daily devotion from Loyola Press accompanied by photos and a melody.  Many times these postings give me a way of looking at things differently.  Today’s was no exception.  I changed the we to first person, but otherwise want to share its wording in bold, from Friday, September 18, 2015.

A scripture well known is from I Corinthians 13, “Now three things remain….faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The world (and I propose things like depression or self or addiction or evil, the list can go on) holds or tries to envelope us in its concerns and perspectives. But I can change my focus.  Look at faith, hope and love.  Faith allows me to believe in Christ and give myself totally to God.  Hope gives me the assurance that God’s will be done.  Love frees me to give (myself) completely to others.  These three gifts are poured out on us by the Holy Spirit.  

      If I lived by them, how would my life be different?

      Prayer: Lord, You know the issues that cloud my mind and heart.  Send forth Your Spirit that I may with greater clarity embrace and act upon the gifts of faith, hope and love.  Amen.

I pray today for those who touch me, and for those I wish I could touch.  For my neighbors who keep to themselves, for my family both near and far, for my daughters so dear, for my grandchildren to reject the world, for my church and its pastoral staff.  For my husband who tries his best to understand me.  For my stepfather and his son and daughter in laws. For our beautiful city and wonderful country, for the leaders present and future.  I pray for my doctor who will give me a stress test today, for my realtor, for the pilot who will fly me on my next trip, for the motel staff who might oversee a stay, for those to whom I write in emails, or in cards of encouragement or friendship. For the company to whom I send a payment, for the ministries I support.  For the children and oppressed women in Third World countries. For those I envy, wishing I had their talent or acclaim, forgive me Lord.  For that person whose message on my machine was most unusual, for You to meet their need.  For the person who knocks on my front door.  For the motorist I get irritated with. For those I might see at the pool today when I go swim. For those grieving for a family member or struggling with a chronic illness or recovering from surgery.  For the lonely. For my piano students and for the ones I do not yet have, but hope for. For Christian artists, musicians, writers, teachers, preachers who are spreading the Word widely.  And for who else You will show me to pray for, thank You, Lord.

We all have hoards of people we make contact with.  Is there some way we can share the Lord’s love with them?  Prayer is one way.  Please leave a comment telling of another way to share God’s love or exercise faith and hope?

Thank you for your friendship. I also pray for you, my readers.

If you want a lovely pick-me-up from time to time, I recommend an email subscription to Loyola Press. There’s no fee and it takes only minutes to read.  Not every post is as inspiring as this one, but that does not matter.  Being refreshed does.

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